Welcome to My Site!

My name is Sean Farley Jr. and I am a graphic designer with a background in advertising and creative branding. I attended Iowa State University and graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Liberal Arts and a focus in Advertising. While in college, I learned how to write creative briefs, advertising strategies, and purchase advertisement space. I am a self taught web and graphic designer specializing in Illustrator.

I got my start in design when I took an introduction class to graphic design. Shortly after, that was all I focused on. My favorite design is most things vintage and obscure. The type of designs that make you say, “why didn’t I think of that.” Since graduation I have consistently taken classes, advanced tutorials, and earned certificates in web design.

I absolutely love art and my favorite artist is Jean Michael Basquiat. His paintings were true, raw and on the spot. To me, they contained a hidden brilliance that can not be manipulated. He was definitely a revolutionary artist.

I’m a big runner, and I mean big. During the summer months I tend to average anywhere from 18-25 miles a week. I run because it give me time to think, see my surroundings and gain motivation for my next project.

I absolutely love skateboarding. It’s a huge passion of mine and what keeps me creative. With skateboarding there’s no way to conquer or master it. There’s always something new to learn and it’s amazing to mix-and-match tricks and have a blast doing it.